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There is also a huge choice in startup initiatives. These will help you find suitable networks and will assist you in questions related to funding and others. Government support programs may provide funding, too. You can also obtain valuable advice from other international entrepreneurs, whom you might meet in startup networks or at information centres. If you decide to set up your business in Germany, you will decide in favour of a country offering a high quality of life.

More than 10 million people from other countries call Germany their home. This co-existence of various cultures and religions has given rise to a lively, international arts and culture scene. A high quality of life and a stable democracy also contribute to peaceful coexistence in Germany. Family plays an important role, too: More than eight million families live in Germany.

How to start a business in Germany in 10 steps

Policy-makers and companies take their interests very seriously. That way, parents have many ways of reconciling work and family life. From the age of one, children in Germany are generally entitled to a place in childcare, for example. Send us your questions about living and working in Germany in German or English. We will answer as soon as we can.

Guide to Germany | German Etiquette, Customs & Culture | Kwintessential

In our chat you can put your questions to our specialists in German or English, rapidly and without prior login. You can get personal advice in German and English over our hotline. We look forward to your call! Here you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about living and working in Germany, as well as about our Web site and partners.

This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the website, you agree to our use of cookies. Recognition Foreign professional qualifications Recognition process Foreign academic qualifications Work contract Social security German social security Pension entitlements Taxes German income tax Tax relief. Study 5 reasons 5 steps Opportunities after your graduation 3 tips from a student Interview with an International Office.

Training 5 reasons What is a vocational training? Do I qualify for a vocational training? How do I find a vocational training? Further training Different forms of further training Further training step by step. Quick-Check Who needs a visa? Kinds of visa Work visa Visa for jobseekers Visa for studying Visa for training Visa for an internship Visa for research Visa for self-employment Visa for the recognition of professional qualifications. So if you are thinking about venturing into the business opportunities in Germany, food business is one of the most notable.

This high production rate notwithstanding, there are huge opportunities for businesses that sell electronic products to consumers. With a little capital, you can focus on a narrow range of car manufacture, but this could be wider depending on your capital. With increasing need by businesses to attract customers and sell their offers via the internet comes the booming demand for professionals and businesses that offer online marketing services.

These services range from copywriting to search engine optimization. If you are a seasoned copywriter, or a website designer and developer, or a search engine optimization specialist, or a social media marketing expert etc. With the increase in number of individuals and businesses that have adopted blogging as a way of making money online comes the escalating demand for creative ghost writers. So, freelancing is one of the business opportunities in Germany. Because there are many businesses, both indigenous and foreign in Germany, there is high demand for individuals that offer professional financial services such as accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping.

If you have a solid background in any of these services, you can make a lot of money in Germany by helping other businesses with the skills you have on offer. Cars and other automobiles sell very well in Germany.

Doing Business in Germany

And foreigners can easily break into the business. But capital remains the main issue, as the business requires huge capital. However, if you are having little capital, you can start a business that sells auto spare parts instead. They sell well, too.

Who we are

Individuals who need to have their appliances or furniture repaired can save costs. Hence, a repair service business can be a good business option. In any economy, whether good or bad, people will always have things to fix as fixing an item cost less than buying a brand new one.

Running a small business that provides residential upkeep can be a good business. Commercial establishments that need to keep their premises clean can also be regular clients. You can provide housecleaning services , office cleaning services, foreclosure house cleaning, roof cleaning, etc. Providing quality care for the elderly, like preparing meals, running errands or housekeeping, can be lucrative business, especially in households with busy working professionals. Due to the fact that many persons are busy with different tasks, you can take this up.

Germany is one of the major telecom hubs in Europe. Be it mobile phone connections or providing internet services, there is a whole market that has been left untapped by existing telecommunications players. Although the existence of private players is very prominent, facilities such as radio and television stations are all government-owned bodies. This is an up-and-coming industry in the world of business in Germany. It offers a lot of opportunities for professionals to be certified.

You could consider setting up business in this sector that provides accredited courses in travel and tourism, hospitality, fashion designing, business administration, science and research and so on. Many globally-renowned IT firms have already set up businesses in Germany owing to the growing potential and skilled labour available in this arena. You could set up a business that provides a variety of IT services such as wireless networks, or web development, social networking, website designing or other businesses depending on your interest.

Cyber laws here are well-equipped to regulate the internet and are updated on a regular basis. Any destination that has a booming tourism industry will most definitely have a growing hospitality industry. This includes small-time bars and cafes to large multinational chains of hotels and resorts to the food and beverage industry here.

5 reasons to set up a business in Germany

You could make hay while the sun shines and invest in this sector. The travel and tourism industry is one of the contributors to the German economy. You might want to think about tapping potential domestic and international tourists by setting up your own travel agency or an airline that would cater to their every need and make their visit a memorable one.

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Want to help and inspire people for a living? Starting a career coaching practice could be the key to doing what you love and making a difference. Help sellers set up and improve their stores, advise them on product photo best practices and how to write better product descriptions. You can also show clients how to use social media to promote their shops and how to get their products featured in publications to help them boost sales.

As an artist or anyone interested in crafts, try turning items that would otherwise be thrown out into useful products and selling them at craft fairs or on a website like Etsy. Whether you sell directly to consumers or use a drop-shipping service, all you need is a website and the right e-commerce software to get started. You can sell your own products or items from niche suppliers.

Do you love throwing parties and organizing meetings?

50 Best Small Business ideas in Germany for 12222

Start an event-planning business and turn your passion into a profitable small business. Everyone needs event planners, from individuals to organizations and corporations. Though as an event planner, you will need to be resourceful and have a keen eye for detail. If baking or cooking is what you love doing, consider launching a home-based bakery , personal chef or catering business.

You can whip up your concoctions for individuals, events, and local businesses and organizations. Keep in mind that home-based food businesses are heavily regulated, so start by figuring out the rules and regulations in your area. With more parents needing to work, offering a home-based child care situation can be a great way to start a business and stay home with your own kids, too.

In some ways, the recession has made people busier than ever. A service that runs errands including dropping off dry cleaning, paying bills, etc. Start small, do a good job and word of mouth will spread quickly.